Our Services

Capitalise Sustainability

Innovation, AI and Digital Transformation

Technology is rapidly cutting across geographic boundaries and manifestly transforming lives. In order to maximise on the potential service technology offers the population of Africa, policy interventions need to occur across the continent. We work with various organisations from start-ups to large multinationals and governments, ensuring we can accurately map the policy modifications needed for the fourth industrial revolution to flourish in Africa.

Governance, Law and Policy for African Development

We offer advisory services to organisations and work alongside lawmakers and policy advocates to understand and develop solutions to Africa's needs. Our team of data scientists, researchers and strong partnerships with academia are pivotal actuators of this service.

Climate Change and sustainability including Human Rights, Gender and Youth

As the reality of climate change dawns on the planet, businesses must evolve to meet the demand for social, environmental and the sustainable development approaches. Social impact, from human rights to environmentalism, is an endeavour that the private sector can and should help lead. The Sera Afrika team understands this challenge and is an ally well-able to help define your approach.