Executive Summary

Sera Afrika is committed to achieving positive impact for current and future generations by driving sustainable economic and social development through influencing the development and implementation of responsible research-backed policies and programmes.

Sera Afrika is aligned with the aspirations of the African continent as captured in the goals of the African Continental Free Trade Agreement (AfCFTA) – “Accelerating intra-African trade and boosting Africa’s trading position in the global market by strengthening Africa’s common voice and policy space in global trade negotiations.” Against the opportunity presented by the planet’s youngest 1Billion people within some of the fastest growing economies, a 15% intra-continental trade contribution points to major structural challenges which the AfCFTA seeks to address.

Sera Afrika is a proponent of African innovation for African solutions to Africa’s problems. Making use of local workforces and resources to introduce new approaches allows our modernisation journey to be distinctly African. It also creates new kinds of employment in capacities that directly contribute to Africa’s ability to adapt to and make the most of and even lead future technological trends.
The African Continental Free Trade Area will require urgent infrastructure advancements on several fronts including in the Physical, Digital, Financial and Policy areas. Recognising the absent, inappropriate and/or (uniquely) fragmented nature of policies across the 55 countries that host Africa’s 1Billion people, Sera Afrika is focused on influencing the development and implementation of responsible research-backed policies necessary to enable the continental-wide Digital and Financial platforms.
Sera Afrika is invested in working with entities that promote African innovation to advance the technological conversance and capacity of Africans. Through partnering with educational institutions, technological hubs and incubators, African tech firms and SMEs, governments, development organizations and NGOs, Sera Afrika seeks to influence the trajectory of African innovation. We are particularly concerned with bridging the gap between innovation and implementation through matchmaking between local innovators and local industry adopters – [and replicating this cross-border].
Leveraging local knowledge and insights, Sera Afrika visualizes future opportunities enabled by new and emerging technologies and anticipates the policy requirements by modelling the data outcomes and proving scenarios in collaboration with stakeholders and our partners.