Driving Policy Through Data

Sera Afrika offers consultancy and advisory services on matters Africa. We specialise in developing and implementing data-driven policies to achieve Africa’s social and economic aspirations.


Food Security

We are focused on food and nutrition security as food production is not the only largest employer in Africa but it also, literally, fuels all human productivity.


Marine Ecology

We champion the responsible exploration of ocean and water-based resources for sustainable fishing, transportation , water supplies, beautification and the promotion of ecological health.


Social Development

We invest in growing people’s capacity for sustainable self-empowerment and creating conditions that enable inter-

generational prosperity with social development in mind.

What We Do


We design policies and implementation frameworks that are realistic and customised to each organisation. By establishing a consistent pattern of action and behaviour aligned to your strategic goals, we help you deliver on your goals in an efficient and consistent way.


We interpret and operationalise policies relevant to your organisation to enable the achievement of your objectives. We help clients navigate the policy landscape and provide insights on the most desirable strategies to manage and improve operations.

With our technical proficiency, we not only tailor solutions to match your objectives but also provide support to your implementation activities.


With the rapid pace of technological change, innovations, and the regulations tied to them, we support clients review their systems and processes in readiness for compliance with an array of standards. We assess compliance and performance to discover gaps and opportunities, helping you navigate towards your project expectations.


We guide the review of your activities and outcomes to develop an accurate account of successes and their factors, thereby promoting transparency to stakeholders and generating insights on how to achieve accountability, integrity and improved results.